50 Cent remains one of the most influential rappers in the history of the hip-hop world. However, the rapper has found himself in hot water once again. As previously reported, 50 is now facing a $1 billion lawsuit from a former drug lord who claims that the character in 50’s show ‘Power’ is based on him.

The news first surfaced in 2021 and the parties involved have had ample time to discuss it privately. However, with a mediation conference set for May, it seems that the legal dispute may finally become a formal case. Given the time frame, it appears that Corey “Ghost” Holland Sr. will have a difficult time winning the case.

Besides that, 50’s team of lawyers argues that the lawsuit is invalid by the one-year statute of limitations under New York law. Holland’s lawsuit was filed in April 2021, while the show ended in February 2020. Additionally, they assert that no sane person could think that the show is based on Holland’s life because it is purely fictitious. Regardless, he filed a lawsuit against Courtney Kemp, the STARZ network, and the Queens rapper.

Corey “Ghost” Holland Sr. also made a serious charge against 50 Cent and his group. Holland asserts that the group came carrying weapons and prepared to confront him, saying it was “clear” that 50 Cent had come to cause trouble.

It’s important to remember that Corey “Ghost” Holland Sr. had previously claimed that 50 Cent’s friends had threatened his life and bullied and intimidated him. The most recent alleged incident seems to be a continuation of the two parties’ ongoing conflict. Keep an eye on Thirsty For News to get the latest updates regarding the ongoing case.

Do you believe that the show is based on Corey “Ghost” Holland Sr.’s life, or is it simply a work of fiction? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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