Wyclef Jean gave his fans a bit of a scare when he got himself admitted to a hospital. However, a recent update on his health has assured his fans about his good condition.

TMZ enquired Wyclef about his health condition and he is recovering well. He talked about the numbness on the right side of his face and immediately sought care from his family doctor. His doctor then told him to go to the ER for a better inspection.

Dr. Waleed Lashin asked for a hospital stay of one night. He was exhausted, which was probably brought on by stress, and it reflected on his face. He thanks all of his worried fans and says he plans to return soon. He will be back at home with additional testing starting the following week.

The Haitian rapper took to Instagram on Monday and shocked his fans. He showcased himself being rolled away in a wheelchair and admitted he wasn’t properly taking care of himself. “Sometimes we forget that our body is our temple,” Wyclef wrote.

This comes just after Wyclef decided to launch his first automobile. Jean and his partner Elo have recently joined forces with Apex Motors to produce the Attucks Apex AP0. The lightweight, two-passenger sports car was unveiled on March 5 as part of The Amelia Concours D’Elegance.

It’s great to see Wyclef doing fine amid this concerning news. People in this day and age are heavily exposed to wearing out due to stress and anxiety and Jean was a victim of that. If anything, this should alert people to focus on their health and well-being.

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Anirban Biswas

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