NBA has a reputation for hosting a few hot-heads on the pitch. While some contain their emotions and keep their cool, a few men brawl out during the game. This time Celtic’s Marcus Smart was fined $25k for an on-court altercation.

The Boston Celtics took on the Atlanta Hawks this Saturday. Celtics won the tie 134-125 but with 1:25 left on the clock, Marcus went on to lock horns with Hawks’ Young. Marcus initially went for a tackle on the Atlanta man however the ref called a foul which made Smart act boldly and things got serious when they went in on each other.

Smart approached Young and confronted him directly before pinning him to the ground. Both players were then handed technical fouls. Marcus was later dismissed from the game for inciting the altercation.

Following the game, the official’s crew chief, Sean Wright, revealed the reasons for Smart’s ejection from the game. Wright stated that he was removed for the grab and takedown of Trae Young. He added that Young received a technical foul “for getting up and pointing in Marcus Smart’s face.”

Later NBA officially came out with an explanation about Marcus’ removal and the fine incurred. Smart and the Celtics have since played again on Monday, falling 111-109 to the Rockets.

“Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart has been fined $25,000 for initiating an on-court altercation and pulling Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young to the floor.”

The Celtics did win the game, however, and are currently ranked 2nd in the Eastern Conference. The Hawks, on the other hand, are down in 8th.

What are your thoughts on Marcus Smart’s on-court altercation with Trae Young and subsequent ejection from the game? Do you think that such incidents are a necessary part of the competitive nature of basketball or do they detract from the spirit of the game? Share your opinions and join the conversation in the comments below.

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