The Office is still one of the funniest sitcoms to have ever existed. It has left a mark on the lives of many while instilling great memories of the series. We have now found out about an episode of the series which cost the production six figures to materialize.

Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey disclosed in a recent episode of Office Women that one of the show’s episodes cost $250,000. The actresses make reference to Jim and Pam’s proposal in the episode Weight Loss. To make the scene as ideal for the episode’s conclusion as possible, there was a lot going on in the background.

The 52-second scene became the most expensive sequence to shoot throughout all nine seasons of The Office. To create the moment, the production team went above and beyond to arrange the perfect setting for the couple. They constructed the set after using Google Street View to obtain photographs of a real gas station along Merritt Parkway.

“We did not actually fly to this location. This is the insane part. They built this in the parking lot of a Best Buy that I have been to many times, actually. What they did was they used Google Street View to capture images of a real gas station along the Merritt Parkway, and then using those images, they built it to match this parking lot.”

Jim and Pam’s love angle has been building up over the span of 5 seasons. There were several hiccups on their way to becoming a couple. Circumstances were mostly against the couple however in the episode, ‘Wight Loss’ fans finally got what they were looking for.

The whole series was set to mimic a documentary and had some of the best improvisations in sitcom history. As a result, Pam was clearly thrown for a loop when Jim popped the big question. However, the cast members were shocked by the timing of the proposal, too.

The Office might have ended a long time ago, however, the legacy it has left behind will be talked about for ages. The actors, writers, and the entire crew gave us the best memories of all time, Jim proposing to Pam being one of the iconic ones and we’ll always cherish it.

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