Paris Hilton is an icon as we know but discovering adulthood was quite a job for her. While Paris was looking up on her career, she was subjected to manipulation by sexual predators. In the wake of such mishaps, she found out that she was probably asexual.

Hilton’s upcoming book Paris: The Memoir is all set to release soon. Amid the imminent launch, she has recalled her past sex life and the trauma associated with it. Despite her reputation of being a ‘Sex Symbol’ she has always avoided intercourse while only limiting herself to making out.

“I could fake it, and I was good at faking it, but it felt like getting run over by a minibike a hundred times. I thought orgasm was something faked so that sex could be over. I kept trying to make it work.”

Paris viewed sex to be a “chore” and would stage orgasms with her sexual partners. She discussed her sexuality in her most recent book, Paris: The Memoir, and said she had believed she was asexual. Paris would keep her partners waiting for long stretches of time before going all the way as she was scared and unsure of it.

“It was pretty rare for a guy to get past the make-out stage. Some of them waited for months or even a year. I called myself the ‘kissing bandit’ because I only liked to make out. A lot of my relationships didn’t work out because of that.”

At 19, Paris knew what she had to do to make her name in the entertainment industry. She figured out her charms and went on to pursue a career she was very confident in. Chasing her dreams, unfortunately, came at a cost when she crossed paths with Harvey Weinstein.

“The truth is, I wanted to be alive in a sensual way. I wanted to feel like a woman who’s comfortable in her own skin. I was struggling to understand my sexuality; there’s no way I could have explained it to anyone else. I had no language for it. I’d never heard the word asexual. I know, right?”

Things took a wrong turn when her sex tape got released at the age of only 19. She later went through a painful abortion at 22. All these experiences but she claims to have never felt comfortable in intimacy with anyone.

Paris told Harper’s Bazaar magazine this month that she did not have strong sexual urges before she met her husband Carter Reum. Now that she is a mom and happy in her sexual entanglements, she is living her best life. Her book releases on 14th March and will probably contain more shocking revelations about her and her past.

What do you think about Paris Hilton’s revelation that she believed she was asexual and viewed sex as a “chore”? Do you think her experiences with sexual predators and the release of her sex tape contributed to this perspective on sexuality? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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