Shawn Kemp made headlines yesterday when news broke out about his alleged involvement in a drive-by shooting in Tacoma, Washington. Fans were stunned and surprised by the news as this seemed out of character for Kemp. However, as more details emerged, a clearer picture began to form.

According to ESPN, Kemp had some items stolen from him on Tuesday and went to retrieve them the following day. While doing so, someone allegedly opened fire on him, and he fired back in self-defense. TMZ obtained a video of the incident, which showed Kemp running back to his car and dumping his gun in nearby bushes before flagging down the cops. He cooperated with the authorities who eventually arrested him and took him to Pierce County Jail. The gun was later retrieved from the bushes by the cops.

The news caused a significant reaction on social media as fans expressed shock and disbelief at the incident. However, Kemp has since been released from jail, and no charges have been filed by the Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office. The ongoing investigation means that charges could still be filed in the future, though. Kemp’s attorney Scott Boatman firmly believes that this was a case of self-defense and that his client should remain free.

Boatman also explained how Kemp tracked down his stolen items, including an iPhone that had tracking on it. Unfortunately, his car had also been broken into, and other items were taken. This incident is undoubtedly an unfortunate situation for everyone involved, and the investigation will reveal more about the events leading up to it.

What are your thoughts on the Shawn Kemp incident? Do you believe this was a case of self-defense or do you think charges should be filed? Leave a comment below with your thoughts and opinions.

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