Sasha Banks is widely recognized as one of the greatest female professional wrestlers of all time, thanks to her extraordinary talents in the ring. Her abrupt exit from WWE RAW in the previous year became a hot topic of discussion, causing a surge of conjecture and gossip. Subsequently, Banks debuted in NJPW as Mercedes Mone and is now their women’s champion there. In fact, Mone made an interesting claim about her time acting in ‘The Mandalorian.’

In a memorable moment at the NJPW Battle At The Valley, Mercedes Mone bravely stepped up to challenge KAIRI for the IWGP Women’s Championship and ultimately emerged victorious, claiming the coveted title for herself.

Mone was a part of Disney+’s Star Wars: The Mandalorian, where she portrayed the role of Koska Reeves in season 2 of the series. She even performed some pro wrestling moves, which impressed fans.

While speaking during a Mandalorian cast panel at Emerald City Con in Seattle, Mercedes Mone talked about her time working on ‘The Mandalorian.’ Mone claimed that acting in the show improved her skills as a professional wrestler.


According to Mercedes Mone, she had never experienced the need to repeat herself so many times before. She was used to performing things in one take and dealing with her anxiety and stress to get it done. However, on set, she had to repeat the same thing multiple times, sometimes up to 40 or 50 times, from different angles and positions. The long working hours of up to 14 hours a day were a new experience for her, and she found herself amazed by Katee Sackhoff’s ability to handle it all.

She learned a lot from Katee and felt empowered by everything she did on set. Katee knew the character, Bo, inside out and could go to Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni with suggestions on what Bo would say or do in different situations. Mercedes learned so much from Katee that she brought back to wrestling, reminding herself to always remember who she is as a character and what she can bring to the viewers.

Katee’s knowledge of being a strong woman was particularly impactful for Mercedes, and she felt it helped make 2019 and 2020 some of her best years in wrestling. She was grateful for everything she learned from both Katee and Bryce Dallas Howard.

I never experienced anything where you had to repeat yourself over and over and over and over. I’m so used to just one take, live and then go and just be like, okay, that’s my anxiety and stress but I know I can get it done but, to do it 20 times, maybe 40 times, great. Okay, now we have to change angles, now we have to do it 40-50 times from your left side, from the back, to the right, above you, behind you, underneath you. I never, ever experienced that so to do 14 hour days, I would just look at Katee (Sackhoff) and I would just be so blown away. I learned so much from you and I grew from watching you.

I was just so empowered by everything you did on set. She knew Bo as a tea that she would go to Jon (Favreau) and Dave (Filoni) and be like, ‘I think Bo would do this or say this’ and I learned so much from Katee because I brought that back to wrestling. I’m like, you have to remember what you are and what you’re gonna bring to the table. You are the character. You’re gonna be this the rest of your life and bring it to people’s viewership so she knew so much about being a strong woman that I brought that back to wrestling and I felt that was like one of my best years in wrestling in 2019 and 2020 because of everything I learned from you and Bryce (Dallas Howard).

Mone will not be featured in the upcoming third season of the Disney+ series. Mercedes Mone also does not rule out making a return to WWE in the future. It remains to be seen if she will return to WWE in the future. In the meantime, keep checking back with Ringside News for more.

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