The younger brother of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes Jackson Mahomes is currently under investigation for allegations of sexual assault that were allegedly caught on tape.

According to a report from the Kansas City Star, the incident occurred at Aspens Restaurant and Lounge in Kansas, where a restaurant owner and one of her waiters have accused Mahomes of sexually assaulting and physically assaulting them.

The restaurant owner Aspen Vaughn provided surveillance footage to the police that allegedly shows Mahomes forcibly kissing her multiple times. Vaughn claims that Mahomes was intoxicated and his advances were unwelcome, which she made clear to him in the moment.

Earlier that same night, one of Vaughn’s wait staff alleges that Mahomes and his entourage shoved him out of a private room after he smelled weed and tried to get them to stop.


While Jackson Mahomes has not been arrested, the incident is being investigated by the police. Mahomes’ attorney Brandan Davies has spoken out in defense of his client, stating that Jackson is innocent and that there is substantial evidence refuting the claims made against him.

“Jackson has done nothing wrong. Our investigation has revealed substantial evidence refuting the claims of Jackson’s accuser including the statements of several witnesses. We have reached out to law enforcement to provide the fruit of our investigation so that they may have a complete picture of the matter.”

It remains unclear whether the waiter will press charges, but Vaughn says that the police are pursuing the alleged kiss regardless of her help, and she intends to cooperate with their investigation.

As of now, neither Jackson Mahomes nor Patrick Mahomes have publicly commented on the incident.

What are your thoughts on the recent allegations of sexual and physical assault against Jackson Mahomes, and how do you think it will affect the reputation of his brother, NFL star Patrick Mahomes? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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