Rebel Wilson is well-known for her versatility as an actress, comedian, writer, singer, and producer. However, the talented artist once tried to do something ‘rebellious’ in Disney Land but unfortunately got caught and was banned for 30 days.

After violating one of Disneyland’s rules, Wilson received a 30-day ban from the popular theme park. Wilson appeared on “The Daily Show” this week where she revealed, “I took a photo in a secret bathroom inside Disneyland, which is illegal … and I got officially banned for 30 days.”

Fortunately, the “Pitch Perfect” alum’s celebrity status permitted her to select the days she would be denied access to the most magical place on earth.

“They called me up and said, ‘Rebel, what 30 days do you not want to come to Disneyland because you’re away filming a movie or something?’ and I said, ‘Oh, June would be fine.”


Wilson also discussed her engagement with Ramona Agruma last month. “I got engaged in Disney Land, the happiest proposal place,” Wilson told Minhaj.

“It’s not like I’m obsessed with Disneyland. It’s just, I go there every weekend and every important holiday and every important life event.”

Wilson also spent her 40th birthday at the theme park, where she even got to spend the night. “I did actually get to sleep inside Disney Land for my 40th birthday,” she said.

“And I got those little disability scooters and went around just by myself. I was cruising around.

It was really fun. And then I tried to break into the churros thing and then I couldn’t get that many, but it was fun.”

Wilson also jokingly claimed to be a member of “Club 33,” the “Disney Illuminati.” “I’m in it. You’re not supposed to say you’re in it. You’re not supposed to reveal other celebrities who are in it, or other members, but yeah, I am in it,” she said.

“And we do secret cool s–t together.”

Wilson also claimed that the club will enter Disneyland illegally at 5 a.m. “just to run around.” Wilson continued her joke by stating that the group is meeting in secret this weekend in Palm Springs because “Walt Disney used to go there to find inspiration.”

However, regardless of her ban, Wilson’s love for Disneyland remains strong. And she will undoubtedly continue to create many more memorable experiences at the theme park in the future. Keep an eye on Thirsty For News to get the latest updates.

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