Madonna remains one of the most iconic stars in the entire music industry. Despite being over 60 years of age, she can still turn the heat up whenever she wants to. With that being said, the pop icon recently shocked her fans after she made an unrecognizable appearance, and now she is flaunting her drastically changed face.

The Like a Virgin singer took to her Twitter on Monday to share that she felt “cute” following a cosmetic procedure. Madonna captioned a tweet with a picture of her newly enhanced face, “Look how cute I am now that swelling from surgery has gone down. Lol.”

The music icon posed casually for the photo while sporting a trucker hat that read, “Spiritually Hungry,” and distressed blue jeans. Fans were quick to comment on how different Madonna looked after redefining herself, especially with her neutral makeup and red braided hair.

One user warned Madonna to stop the cosmetic procedures after reading her tweet, telling her she would end up looking like an “extraterrestrial” being. “Much love, mad respect but stop with the surgeries. They are not making you look younger,” the tweet read.

“You’re moving further and further away from looking human. And you’re branching out into extraterrestrial territory.”

This news comes after fans expressed their confusion over her puffy appearance at the Grammy Awards two weeks ago. A celebrity master injector claimed in an exclusive interview with that the star’s “unrecognizable” face was a sign that she had been “painfully overfilled and overdone.”

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Smita Singha Roy

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