Harry Styles is one of the most iconic personalities in music. He has amassed millions of fans ever since his One Direction debut. Even years after the group’s disbandment, his popularity has never dropped. He has now been seen drinking out of a shoe at a concert in Australia.

The Grammy-winning singer is on a month-long tour in Australia. Harry was seen onstage in Perth, Australia on Monday, February 20 performing for a crowd of thousands. He went on to fill his Adidas x Gucci sneaker with liquid and then without hesitation drank all his shoe’s contents.

Harry Styles was initially disgusted at the idea of drinking from a shoe. He called the moment very “intimate” and personal as he went on to chug out of his sneaker in front of a sea of crowd. We’ve seen the former 1D singer grab attention for various choices of his, however, he wasn’t very proud of this.

“This is one of the most disgusting traditions I’ve ever [heard of]. I feel like a different person,” he added. “I feel ashamed of myself. It feels so personal. Such an intimate moment to be shared with so many people.”

The “As It Was” singer appropriately dressed for his fashion ensemble, as he usually does. He was rocking a yellow t-shirt with a rhinestone drink of some type and a straw emblazoned on the front. With the microphone oh his left hand he chugged the drink from his right as everyone gasped and screamed in the crowd.

Clips shared via Twitter also betrayed a range of reactions to Harry’s display of such a tradition.  “How many people want to be that shoe?” quipped a fan via PopBase‘s Twitter clip. “Me next but I want to drink out of Harry’s shoe,” wrote another. A few were not really impressed with his “disgusting” act on the stage.

After a successful night at the 2023 Grammy Awards earlier in the month, Styles makes his way to Australia. Harry’s Home, which also won Best Pop Vocal Album, was the album of the year for the former boyband member. We anticipate seeing more of Harry’s legendary moments.

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