Gucci Mane is one of the most well-known and controversial rappers in the world of hip-hop. Even though Mane has returned to the rap game in a new and improved way, that doesn’t mean he’s forgotten the remnants of his troubled past. With that being said, according to recent reports, Mane’s criminal past has prevented him from joining Black Mafia Family.

According to a recent interview with BMF artist Bleu Davinci, Mane wasn’t accepted into the collective because of his criminal history. Davinci, the sole label artist for Black Mafia Family, was recently featured in an interview by Cam Capone News. Capone also questioned him about how they first came across the Atlanta rapper.

Davinci described the difference between their business and Gucci’s multiple lanes. Although his story was open and did not exactly offend the “Lemonade” star, many people in the comments made snitch accusations. “Gucci’s a street n***a, he just be outside all the time and s**t, you feel me?” he said.

“Gucci was like a part-time jackboy, part-time dope dealer, part-time rapper, Gucci was a slash man. I knew Gucci before I knew Jeezy, know what I’m saying? So Gucci used to always be in the clubs and s**t. Gucci already be in the club. On the wall, looking at n***as with a drink and s**t with his hat down and s**t like that, trying to get him a victim. You feel me? You know, he was cool. Meech knew him, he was cool.

He even used to try to get down with the mob,” Bleu continued. “But Meech was telling n***as like, ‘Nah, man that n***a be out there robbing n***as and s**t, you feel me? We can’t handle n***as that’s known robbers getting down with the s**t.’ It wasn’t just that he was no robber, but n***as know that he gon’ get down on a n***a, you feel me? We just kind of wasn’t doing that at the time. He always been friendly, you know what I’m saying? Always been the homie. So when they made “So Icy,” we was promoting Jeezy.”

The mention of Gucci’s wrongdoings was criticised by many commenters as snitch behaviour. “Is this snitching ?” one user asked. “Cause no one knew Gucci was a known robber.”

Others, however, chose to see the positive side. “Even tho he a rat it’s good to hear both sides of story,” one commentator expressed. Keep an eye on Thirsty For News to get the latest updates.

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