Drake and 21 Savage recently found themselves in hot water after disseminating digital and print versions of a fake Vogue magazine and cover promoting their collaborative album “Her Loss” from 2022. The rappers were sued but the settlement price was kept secret. However, according to recent reports, the two are now free from their legal issues.

The fake cover and magazine, which starred Drake, also contained a photoshopped picture of a younger Anna Wintour and a fictitious story. The “One Dance” singer claimed that he and Savage would be on newsstands prior to “Her Loss”‘ November 4 release date while promoting the song on his social media pages.

The rapper sealed his and his fellow rapper’s legal fate by shouting out to Wintour. Months later, Semafor announced the settlement, officially putting an end to the legal battle between the brilliant rappers and Condé Nast.

It was revealed that Condé Nast had obtained a “permanent injunction barring further commercial uses of Vogue trademarks” in an internal memo shared by the company’s general counsel Will Bowes. The amount of the settlement from Savage and Drake was not specified in the memo, while it was made public on Thursday. Bowes did point out that the amount would “bolster” the “ongoing creative output, including Vogue editorial.”

Even though Condé Nast was aware that their brands “may be referenced in other creative works,” the general counsel continued, this particular situation went above and beyond the norm.

“In this instance, however, it was clear to us that Drake and 21 Savage leveraged Vogue’s reputation for their own commercial purposes and, in the process, confused audiences who trust Vogue as the authoritative voice on fashion and culture.”

Additionally, he emphasized that before the rap duo received the letters, they had received numerous warnings to stop disseminating the fake Vogue material. Keep an eye on Thirsty For News to get the latest updates.

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