The late rapper XXXTENTACION, who passed away at the young age of 20, has had a lasting impact on the music industry and continues to influence artists to this day. Nearly five years after his tragic death in Florida, XXXTENTACION’s music remains powerful and continues to evoke strong emotions in his fans. His raw and emotional lyrics, paired with his unique style, have cemented his place in music history and continue to inspire future generations of musicians. He was brutally murdered and now it seems his murder suspect claimed that Drake was not involved in the murder.

Drake is a seasoned musician who has a strong understanding of his value in the music world. His influence is undeniable, with a vast collection of timeless and enduring hits that continue to captivate fans. He has solidified his place as a dominant force in the industry, earning the respect of listeners and peers alike.

As previously reported, Drake had been mandated to participate in a deposition regarding the murder trial of XXXTentacion after an attorney for one of the suspects argued that Aubrey’s potential involvement in the case requires further questioning.

In the murder trial, former codefendant Robert Allen denied Drake’s involvement. In fact, Allen testified against his former codefendants in court and pleaded guilty to lesser charges. On Friday (February 10), Allen told the court he never met Drake and didn’t even know who X was when they robbed and shot the rapper. Also, he answered a series of yes-or-no questions from a defendant’s attorney during a cross-examination. As Mauricio Padilla pressed on, representing Dedrick Williams, Allen answered each prompt to form his testimony above.

“So your testimony to this court and to this jury is that you were never on the set of [Drake’s] ‘God’s Plan’ video, filmed in Miami in 2018? Is that what you’re saying?,” the attorney asked in newly released footage. “How much money in 2018 did you receive from either Drake or one of Drake’s associates?” However, Allen said he never met Drake. “You never met Drake?” Padilla continued. “You know who he is though, right?” Allen replied affirmatively, and the lawyer went on. “But actually, in 2018 when this crime occurred, you didn’t know who X was? In 2018, you’re from Broward County, correct? You listen to rap music, correct? And you’re telling this jury that you didn’t know who literally probably the most famous rapper to ever come out of Broward County was in June of 2018? That’s your testimony?”

While some details of the testimony are peculiar, the Drake theory rests on flimsy grounds. Moreover, the two rappers had a largely one-sided beef. The Florida rapper aired out frustrations with Drake’s “God’s Plan” visuals and stealing his flow musically. Later, he tweeted “If anyone tries to kill me it was [Drake],” but then he claimed someone hacked him.

This was still enough for lawyers to get Drake involved in the murder trial. It is very likely Drake will be removed from the case entirely in the upcoming deposition. We’ll keep you updated on this ongoing case.

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