Kyrie Irving is causing a stir in the NBA community aftering being traded from the Brooklyn Nets to the Dallas Mavericks, this time with the Mayor of New York chiming in.

As previously reported, Irving’s request for a trade was granted and the Nets, fearing the potential loss of Kevin Durant, quickly made a deal with the Mavericks. New York City Mayor Eric Adams has been a critic of Irving and had implemented vaccine mandates that caused Irving to miss home games last season.

While speaking to the Spectrum News in New York, Adams stated that he believes Irving was not a good fit for the Nets locker room and that the trade was good for the team moving forward. Adams also said he would send Irving to the team that beats the Nets the most, so they can start winning better.

“I will find the team that beats us the most and send him to that team, because then we’ll start beating that team,” Adams said Monday. “It’s about synergy in energy. No matter how much talent you have, your ability to interact with your colleagues is more important. One player can bring down the synergy of the team. And so I would send him to the team that beats us the most so we can start winning better.”

These comments have sparked a reaction and it remains to be seen if Irving can change the narratives surrounding his name while playing with Luka Doncic on the Mavericks.

Steve Carrier

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