Nick Carter remains one of the most popular singers in the music industry as he is one of the members of The Backstreet Boys. However, according to reports, he is now countersuing the woman who accused him of sexual battery over 21 years ago.

Carter claims the woman is intentionally damaging his reputation with a string of lies, and he is now suing her for the more than $2.35 million he claims she has cost his boy band. According to TMZ, the Backstreet Boys member filed a countersuit against Shannon Ruth on Thursday.

Ruth filed a lawsuit against Nick in December alleging that he had sexually abused her after a concert back in 2001 when she was a minor. New court documents obtained by TMZ state that Nick will not let himself be tarnished by Ruth’s allegations, which he strongly refutes, and that her lawsuit is the result of an ongoing plot to defame him.

Nick claims that Jerome and Melissa Schuman, a father and daughter team, have trained Ruth to make up stories about him in an effort to extort money from him. Besides that, he criticized all three for intending to take advantage of the #MeToo movement.

Ruth, according to Carter, has repeatedly changed her story. He claims that she first claimed Nick had physically assaulted her before switching to a sexual assault accusation. Nick noted that Ruth waited for years to report her alleged sexual battery, and he claimed that no charges were brought as a result of an independent investigation. The Backstreet Boys lost out on more than $2.35 million in appearances and endorsement deals, according to Nick, as a result of Ruth’s lawsuit.

According to Nick, his deceased brother Aaron Carter was also included in the plot. Nick alleges Ruth and the Schumans preyed on and exploited Aaron before his death.

“Aaron’s fragile condition and family stresses to cloak their defamatory campaign with credibility, relentlessly and repeatedly using Aaron to try to legitimize their frivolous tales.”

But according to Nick, Aaron eventually realized that Ruth and the Schumans were using and manipulating him, and as a result, Aaron apologized to Nick and declared the accusers to be lying. Nick claims that on the day Aaron died, Jerome Schuman tweeted,

“I am sad that the chess game we started together was never finished.”

TMZ called Nick’s attorney, Michael Holtz, and he stated, “As our Counterclaim sets out in detail, Nick has been the target of a malicious and long-running conspiracy.”

“He has never done the outrageous things of which he has been accused; in fact, he is the victim of a calculated and concerted disinformation campaign designed to destroy his reputation.

He looks forward to setting out the truth, vindicating himself in court, and putting an end to the smears and attempted shakedowns for good.”

However, Ruth’s attorneys haven’t commented on this matter so far. But Thirsty For News will keep you updated regarding the ongoing story.

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