Latto is a sensation in the music industry whose notoriety keeps her in the public eye. However, this time her used underclothes are bringing her to the headlines. Recently, Lotto’s used panties have been selling for almost $100,000.

Latto received criticism over the weekend for donning the same cheetah-print panties in two different pictures. But Friday night, after selling a used pair on eBay, the 777 rappers shot back at the Internet troll with this assertion. Including side-by-side images of Latto, a fan commented about her panty and this prompted the rapper to immediately respond.

“Can’t afford new panties?”

“Oh no, it’s the panty police.”

Latto later gave followers a tour of her underwear drawer when the reaction went viral. However, Latto improved her response by pricing a used pair of underwear at 99 cents on eBay.

“Latto’s everyday cheetah print panties. Used. As seen on Latto multiple times.”

Immediately, the amount soared from 99 cents to almost $100,000. eBay later withdrew the listing because it was against their rules. Fans quickly commended Latto for turning the issue around despite eBay rejecting the bag.

“The way she flipped and reversed the whole scenario. I have no choice but to Stan.”

Billboard will honor the Clay County rapper at the 2023 Billboard Women In Music Awards in addition to her entertaining argument with online bullies. The Powerhouse Award will be awarded to the hitmaker.

Prior recipients of this award from Billboard include Megan Thee Stallion, Dua Lipa, and Doja Cat. She is also vying for two Grammys this year in the categories of Best New Artist and Melodic Rap Performance. For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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Muskan Sharma

Muskan Sharma is a law student at Calcutta University. She writes for Thirsty for News, covering world news and entertainment. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and exploring new places.

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