Jessica Simpson is certainly one of the hottest stars in the industry. However, Jessica has always remained transparent regarding her personal life. In a recent essay for Amazon titled “Movie Star: They Always Say They’re Single,” the musician and actress detailed a secret relationship with a man who she refers to as a “massive movie star.”

Jessica first described running into the unidentified celebrity at the 2001 MTV VMAs, when she and her ex-husband Nick Lachey were taking a break. She identified him as “Movie Star” throughout the essay and wrote, “This megastar, who I grew up thinking was so hot, eyeballed me up and down. Like he was undressing me with his eyes.”

Nick and Jessica’s relationship started up again in 2001. But after their romance ended, she got in touch with the celebrity again in 2006, and in that conversation, she talked about a kiss they had at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

“I felt this warm rush all the way down my body to the tips of my toes in my wedges.”

Jessica went on to say that she later stopped this man on the red carpet with his girlfriend and refused to see him again, saying, “I was never ever in a million years going to be the other woman.” The movie star later told her, “You’re the only girl I want to be with. You’re it.” Jessica trusted him when she saw that the movie star and his girlfriend were no longer dating. However, Jessica admitted that she later felt as though she was only there “to have sex” with him.

“Yes, there was something sexy and enticing about all this, but there was also something demeaning about it. I felt like a call girl.”

After that, she continued, she recalled a time when they were together and he started kissing her after returning from filming. He suddenly “just blurted out: ‘Why aren’t we having sex?’” She came to understand that their sole purpose in keeping themselves hidden from the public was “to hide me from his chick.”

“I didn’t care if he was my teenage fantasy come to life, this was not a choice that same girl, my younger self, would be proud of.”

Jessica concluded that she left him the next morning, even though he later called her “weeping.” However, Jessica also dropped some subtle hints regarding the secret star, writing he’s “known to even the most casual movie fan.” He “made millions and millions per film,” she added.

In her life, Simpson has engaged in a number of high-profile relationships, including her marriage to Lachey from 2002 to 2006. Besides this, she has been linked to Jensen Ackles, Tony Romo, Johnny Knoxville, John Mayer, and more. She’s been married to Eric Johnson since 2014. Stay tuned to Thirsty For News to get the latest updates regarding the actress.

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