Latto made a name for herself by being a rapper in the hip-hop industry. She made her television debut on The Rap Game in 2016, where she won the debut season. However, Latto has a history of rewarding her fans with her thirst traps, but this time, she received criticism from trolls because she apparently repeated her outfits.

It’s evident that Latto has never been someone who lets the internet make her less confident. The 777 hitmaker smartly responded to one of her critics on Twitter over the weekend to remind them of that.

On Sunday, Twitter user @extraathique posted two images of the rap icon on the website and accused her of wearing the same outfit twice. Latto isn’t particularly wearing the same outfits in the photos but the user teases a sneaky look at what seems to be the same pair of cheetah-print underwear in both pictures. “Can’t afford new panties,” the user asked the diva in the caption.

Even though the user didn’t formally tag her, the fashionista still learned about the hatred and immediately responded to the immature account. She jokingly wrote, “Oh no, it’s the panty police,” garnering more than 90K likes on the reply since yesterday afternoon.

Many of Latto’s followers didn’t hesitate to show support for her in the replies. “N*ggas really finna act like they ain’t ever washed and wore the same pair of draws before,” one user wrote, while another pointed out, “Bruh there’s packs of like 12 or more you can get on Amazon that all look like that.”

It’s usually acceptable for any ordinary person to wear the same style. However, there is much more pressure to keep your wardrobe looking stylish and fresh if you are a celebrity. Keep an eye on Thirsty For News to get the latest updates regarding the rapper.

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Smita Singha Roy

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