As the early hours of Saturday morning approached in Cape Coral, the line between night and day was indistinct. Though last call had passed and patrons were leaving, the streets outside the establishments were still lively with activity. The Cape Coral Police observed the scene as the clock struck three in the morning.

According to NBC, a member of the public approached a patrol car, reporting a man causing chaos and behaving aggressively. The citizen reported that the half-naked man had spit in someone’s face and was grabbing people. Another person came forward, wiping saliva from their face, confirming the altercation. The police promptly made their way through the crowd of intoxicated individuals to investigate the situation.

As the crowd began to disperse, police noticed Kyle Shonkwiler among the individuals saying their goodbyes or waiting for transportation. The Auburndale resident was acting as a sort of “self-appointed mayor” of the group, embracing many in a show of support rather than a political move. The officers took note of his appearance, which included pants that were slung low enough to expose his underwear.

Shonkwiler was barefoot, shirtless, and the officers observed clear signs of over-serving. The arrest report noted a “strong smell of an alcoholic beverage emanating from Kyle’s person.” The police attempted to speak with Shonkwiler, who appeared to be heavily intoxicated, but he became preoccupied with a group of women and stumbled away from the officers. The Cape Coral Police Department later discovered that Shonkwiler was from Polk County and there was no one nearby to take responsibility for him and remove him from the scene.

Feeling at a loss, the officers placed Shonkwiler on a bench in hopes that he would regain his composure. Unfortunately, Shonkwiler collapsed and required medical attention. The officers’ report stated that as people began to gather around and observe the situation, Shonkwiler turned his attention towards the onlookers.

“Watch Out! Don’t get beat up,” he shouted to the crowd gathering 50 feet away. He incoherently added, “don’t get your d**k caught on the pony,” before his strange responses turned into physical threats.

Shonkwiler’s behavior became increasingly aggressive and confrontational, he began challenging the responding officers to a wrestling match and even asked them to punch him when they refused. He then turned to the crowd and began making similar threats, declaring that he would physically harm anyone who dared to challenge him. As emergency medical services arrived to check on him following his fall, he continued to direct his aggressive behavior towards them, asking if they were ready to fight and threatening to harm them.

“I’ll f**k your a** up

As EMS came to check on Shonkwiler following his tumble, the threats continued to be levied. Kyle turned his body, puffed out his chest, and let it be known he wanted someone to challenge him. “You ready to go?” He asked the medic. “I’ll f**k your shit up. Let’s Go.” Kyle Shonkwiler was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. We’ll keep you updated on this ongoing story.

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