Nipsey Hussle tragically lost his life back in March of 2019 after he was fatally shot outside his store Marathon Clothing in South Los Angeles. His alleged killer, Eric R. Holder was arrested and charged with murder in April of that year. After failing to come to an agreement on the custody of his 14-year-old daughter Emani, Nipsey Hussle’s family will faceoff with the late rapper’s ex Tanisha Foster in court later this year.

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, a Los Angeles Court Superior judge has scheduled the trial for April 27. For a month, Tanisha and Nipsey’s family, which also includes his brother Sam, sister Samantha, and mother Angelique, have been at odds. The two were required to participate in meditation on November 30, but they were unable to come to an understanding.

Following Nipsey’s passing on March 31, 2019, his family went to court and won custody of Emani. They alleged Tanisha was an unfit parent with a history of drug and alcohol abuse in court. They also cited an alleged instance in which Tanisha allegedly assaulted someone in front of Emani and other kids.

Obviously, the behavior summarized herein endangered Emani’s well-being, but such behavior also makes Ms. Foster wholly unfit to act as guardian of the estate, and be able to manage Emani’s inheritance expected to exceed two million dollars ($2,000,000).

Tanisha initially consented to the guardianship, but last year she returned to court and requested that it be terminated. She stated in court records that she only consented to the initial guardianship owing to her “financial limitations” at the time. She also wanted custody of Emani.

“Tanisha’s motivation for doing so was in recognition of her own financial limitations; her desire to maintain the standard of living and family contact the minor had experienced with the paternal family prior to her father’s death; and upon the verbal assurances that each of them would act in the best interests of Emani.”

Tanisha said that Nipsey’s family had broken their promise. Later this year, the judge will hear from the family and Tanisha about their case. Keep an eye on Thirsty for the latest news and updates.

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