Christina Ricci and James Heerdegen finalized their divorce in December. They decided to share joint legal custody with Ricci while giving her the majority of physical custody. Neither was to get monetary support but Ricci stated that she would pay for private schooling and uncovered medical expenses. Ricci recently went to court after her ex-husband attempted to prevent her from travelling to Canada with their son.

According to Radar Online, Christina rushed to court pleading with the judges presiding over her bitter divorce to stop her ex-husband’s effort to prevent their son from travelling with her. According to court documents acquired by the outlet, Ricci and her legal team informed the court that her ex-husband, James Heerdegen, had claimed that he would seek an indefinite suspension of her permission to travel out of the country with their son.

Jimmy is simply harassing me at this point and is taking out his anger on me because the Court temporarily eliminated his every other Saturday overnight. Jimmy is abusing this process by going into Court on an emergency basis asking for completely baseless custody orders. He will use the excuse that he does not have a lawyer, and does not know what he is doing, but he does not have to be a lawyer to know how to abuse the Court system.

If Jimmy felt that [their son] was in any danger, presumably he would have spoken to the attorney for our son. He did not do that be cause he knows that the only danger posed to [our son] is his own unfitness.

Ricci said, “He is only doing what he can to punish me because he is incapable of being child-centered, which is exactly why he no longer has overnights.” Ricci demanded earlier this month that her ex be barred from spending the night with their son. Ricci insisted that Heerdegen should take a parenting class before regaining custody.

In return, he accused her of psychologically abusing his son. “She shares details of our marriage that are often fabricated, and certainly inappropriate for a young childt o hear,” he wrote in a declaration filed in the case.

At a hearing on January 6 the judge ordered that Heerdegen would no longer be allowed to stay overnight until the matter was heard by the court at a later date.  “The Court is making this order in the best interests of the minor child to preserve the calm pending a full hearing in light of the accusations and counter-accusations.” Both parents were ordered to enroll in a parenting class.

Ricci stated that she will be in Vancouver from January 31 to February 10 to film a project. Ricci claimed that if her trip is longer than five days she always travels with their son. Let’s see what the judges decide. Keep an eye on Thirsty for the most latest updates.

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