Emily Ratajkowski is currently on the spotlight list because of her curvaceous physique. However, it seems like Emily went beyond her comfort zone this time and tried something daring. Recently, Emily Ratajkowski pulled off a sexy stunt for the sake of fashion.

Emrata is giving her all in her most recent gig, even pulling off some of her own stunts. Unfortunately, fans are not impressed by the appearance. The model shared a clip of her most recent set of work. It seems Emrata is having a good day at work. She was essentially naked throughout the video aside from some pasties and underwear as she was hanging in the air and was supported by wires.

Emily boasts, “I do my own stunts,” as she was knocked out of the air and her body sags as if water were taking her away. She identified the fantastic photographer or photography studio in charge of the enjoyable-looking shoot as Torso Solutions. Ratajkowski posted numerous stills from the shoot in which she was shown confidently hanging in the air. Since she’s not on the runway, her arms and legs appear even longer, and her figure looks fantastic overall.

Emily is a trooper since there is no requirement in the manual that says modeling needs you to suspend yourself in the air or risk your life in order to accomplish the job, especially if you’re wearing heels. Emily was letting the wires control her body. Particularly her fellow model friends were impressed by her.

Two fire emojis were left by Irina Shayk instead of just one. In a charming little allusion to her being in the air, DJ Chantel Jeffries advised her to “stay fly.” “Such a fun photo shoot😍.” Emrata’s supporters were divided about the feat because they had several issues with everything from the wiring to the stances, even if it looked entertaining and amazing.

“That’s not even a stunt. No credit to ur rope guy? You always have to be naked🙄🙄. Lol, anyone can sit in a harness. Show me a real stunt.”

Although the assumption that she was filming for the new James Bond opening credit was odd, it is easy to see where it may have originated. However, many people are left wondering why these photos were taken in the first place. Some of Emrata’s fans questioned how she could go from delivering the commencement address at Hunter College in New York for the class of 2023 to appearing naked and floating in midair on Instagram.

“smh, yes! The same woman that bores us to tears saying people sexualize her.”

One supporter said, “From graduation to pole.” Another individual said that it was shameful for her to do her job while just saluting the graduates. Others found it annoying that she constantly made sexualization the subject of her conversation. What’s your take on this photoshoot? For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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