Dallas Cowboys have once again failed to get to the NFC Championship once again. Following the team’s 19-12 loss to the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, their coach Mike McCarthy was seen pushing a cameraman out of the way. McCarthy has now apologized to the cameraman over the postgame incident.

On Sunday night, Mike McCarthy apologized, but it wasn’t for his team’s terrible performance. The head coach of the Dallas Cowboys had to say sorry to a cameraman when he pulled the man’s lens away after his team’s loss to the Niners.

Moments after the Dallas vs. S.F. playoff game concluded, the incident occurred as photographer Noah Bullard tried to capture the 59-year-old exiting the field. McCarthy definitely didn’t want to be recorded in Bullard’s video, as seen by the fact that he put his hand on the camera to fling it away from him.

A picture of the incident appeared to show McCarthy touching the lens with considerable force as well. However, on Monday, Bullard argued on social media that it wasn’t that bad.

I can see how the photo appeared like he pushed me but it was more of a hand to the lens.

Bullard claimed that after the incident, he and McCarthy had a conversation in which the Cowboys’ head coach eventually expressed his regret. “I did meet with coach McCarthy privately in his office and he did apologize.” You can watch the video below.

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