Channing Tatum is a phenomenon who has established a reputation for himself in the industry by garnering enormous notoriety. However, he seems to believe that, when it comes to stripping, he is too daring. Channing Tatum recently asserted that he is a superior stripper to Joe Manganiello and Jennifer Lopez.

Channing Tatum is quite confident in his ability to perform a striptease and thinks he can outperform actress and singer Jennifer Lopez. Tatum claimed he would “go hard” against Lopez in a strip-off and carry it “to her front door” while undergoing a lie detector test.

Channing portrayed Magic Mike in the well-known franchise, whose third movie debuts in theaters on February 10. Lopez, on the other hand, was nominated for a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award for his role as a stripper in “Hustlers.”

Tatum was asked if Joe Manganiello, a former co-star, was a better stripper during the lie detector test. He retorted that Manganiello was no match for him and said that they belonged to different classes of strippers. Tatum praised the actor, calling him a “great specimen” of a man with a “weirdly flawless” body.

In a recent episode of Vanity Fair’s lie detector YouTube series, Tatum asserted that he is a superior stripper to Lopez. Tatum responded, “Am I a better stripper than her? I’m gonna say yeah.” when asked who is the better dancer. He said that if they were to engage in a strip-off, he would “go harder” and “take it to J.Lo’s front door.” Tatum’s honesty was verified by the lie-detector administrator.

“You’ve got to go hard if you’re going to go against the J.Lo. The love, she’s like, man, I don’t know if I’m going to win, but I like my chances, depending on who the audience is.”

Tatum presently portrays dancer Magic Mike in the similarly named franchise, which was based on his own experience working as a stripper in Florida. He plays the lead in the next third movie, which the actor almost declined due to the demanding physical and dietary requirements.

Magic Mike’s Last Dance,” the third and final film in the series, will have its theatrical debut on February 10. It also stars Salma Hayek Pinault, Gavin Spokes, Ayub Khan-Don, and Juliette Motamed in addition to Tatum. The second movie, “Magic Mike XXL,” debuted in 2015 and became a commercial success.

The “Magic Mike Live” stage production, which made its debut in Vegas, is likewise part of the Magic Mike brand. Since then, the play has appeared in theaters in Berlin, London, and Australia. On April 6, the play will launch its North American tour. However, what’s your take on the lie detector test? For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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