Martin Shkreli was released from federal prison last year after serving time for securities fraud and conspiracy. He gained notoriety as the “Pharma Bro” due to his price-gouging schemes for prescription drugs. However, now it appears that the con man has made a comeback in making headlines as he now owes $1.6 million in personal income tax.

According to the New York Tax Delinquents list for December, “Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli owes $1.6 million in personal income taxes. He first appeared on the list in 2017 when Shkreli owed almost $4 million.

At the time, Benjamin Brafman, his attorney, informed that Shkreli, “through his lawyers and accountants, has been negotiating a payment plan with the IRS and New York State authorities that has been accepted by them. He is not a delinquent taxpayer.”

Besides his tax bill, Shkreli is facing a number of legal issues. The Federal Trade Commission requested that he be held in contempt of court on Friday because he might start a new pharmaceutical company. The FTC, according to The New York Post, claimed that Shkreli had not complied with its requests for information regarding the business Druglike Inc.

As a result of a lawsuit accusing Shkreli of engaging in unethical and monopolistic behavior in relation to Daraprim, the life-saving medication whose price he famously increased by 5,000 percent, a judge earlier this month banned Shkreli from ever working in the pharmaceutical sector. The Federal Trade Commission, as well as the attorneys general of New York, California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, North Carolina, and Virginia, filed the lawsuit.

It remains to be seen how Shkreli manages to save himself from everything. However, Thirsty For News is there to keep you updated.

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