Jon Jones is one of the best pound-for-pound fighters to ever set foot inside the octagon. His raw MMA skills make him a force to be reckoned with. Jones was enjoying a dominant reign as UFC Light Heavyweight Champion when he was suspended for using banned substances.

While his MMA skills are well documented, it seems like Jon Jones has another set of skills that most people may not know. Henry Cejudo recently tweeted a video of Jon Jones where he can be seen showcasing his rap skills with hip-hop artist MC Dome at Cejudo’s FIght Ready gym.

“Who could’ve known @JonnyBones is the greatest MMA fighter AND rapper alive! Bones got bars!!! 😂😂😂#GOATFreestyle”

Jon Jones has been training under Henry Cejudo since 2021. The former two-division UFC Champion has always praised Jones for his fighting skills and now it seems like he is also a fan of his rap skills.

Jon Jones gave an impressive attempt at freestyle rapping while hip-hop star MC Dome beatboxed in the background. The lyrics for Jones’ rap are as follows:

“Watch this. You think you’re hot but you not. I’m from Union, Endicott. I’ll stomp down on your face and create blood clots. Jon Jones run this town. I don’t f**k around. In the courts, I do my things through sports. But I know b*ms on the street that’ll run up in this beast. I cock it back, bang bang. Brains be staining up my streets.”

Following the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion’s rap attempt, MC Dome chipped in with his own lyrics and kept the freestyle rap going.

“Keep it sane in the streets. It’s my Dome baby boy. I’m just aiming high. And nobody gonna stop ’cause you know we gon’ buy ESPN. MC Dome, now we gon’ fly, yeah.”

Jon Jones is set to return to UFC 285 where he will compete in a heavyweight bout against Ciryl Gane. It will be interesting to see if Jones will be able to defeat a heavyweight like Gane. Stay tuned to Thirsty For News for more coverage of the UFC.

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