Azealia Banks recently did an interview with ‘The Guardian’ where she spoke about a wide range of controversial topics. One of those topics involved Kanye West.

During her interview, the 31-year-old hitmaker opened up about West and his various controversies. She even stated that the rapper could inspire her to quit her career in entertainment.

“I feel like Kanye has made it so garbage to be an entertainer with any opinion. If anybody was ever praying for Azealia Banks to finally shut the f**k up, Kanye has provided the platform.”

She also trashed Kanye West for publicly sharing that he and Kim Kardashian had discussed having an abortion in the past.

“Just because you can’t get attention from Kim Kardashian, you turn it on your f***ing daughter. Kanye, you’re an abusive a***ole and you’re a p***y for picking on that little-ass girl. You are the last person we need to hear from about Black fatherhood and the Black family unit.”

Azealia Banks also claimed that Kanye used to make fun of Kim Kardashian when they started dating. She admitted that while she enjoyed it in the beginning, she later realized that it was a common problem in the rap industry.

“To meet him and hear him talk shit about Kim Kardashian it gave me a little bit of glee, because you’re young, and you’re dumb, and you don’t get it yet. When you’re getting all this messaging from hip-hop that you are exactly the type of Black woman that it doesn’t want, and then you meet someone that you like, because the music is so good, and he’s like: ‘I hate this white b**ch’ – you’re like: ‘Yesss,’” she explained. “As time goes on, it’s like: ‘Wait, you hated my Black ass, too! You hate all women!’”

Regarding the rapper’s views on antisemitism, religion, and statements about slavery, Azealia trashed West by saying the Bible was the same book used to enslave black people.

“Kanye, did you know that the Bible was the very book used to enslave your dumb ass? Have you ever read the Bible? I’m sure you haven’t. ‘Oh, Hitler was a good guy’ – do you think Hitler liked negroes? It’s way past shock culture and just into stupidity. You deserve to reap what you sow. In the future, when you’re walking down Times Square and you see Kanye West drinking flat Sprite out of a McDonald’s cup out of the garbage can, you can bring it all back to this moment.”

Azealia also spoke about her reputation online and how it has affected her real life. She mentioned that people have tried to launch frivolous lawsuits against her and made her out to be a villain.

“Even though I know that the internet is not a real place, there are enough people who take it seriously enough to feel like they can put their hands on me in real life. They feel like they can launch frivolous lawsuits and use this villainous, stupid narrative against me. Even just trying to rent a house and have some peace, you run into these people who are like: ‘Oh, I can throw a rock at her, and if she throws a rock back, I can say look, she’s exactly as you say on the internet.’”

She didn’t hold back as she accused Lady Gaga and Lana Del Rey’s fan base for throwing racist insults at her.

“If I had a dollar for every Lady Gaga fan or Lana Del Rey fan that has called me a ‘n***er’ on Twitter, I might be a billionaire right now,” she said.

Azealia Banks was also appreciative of controversial Florida governor Ron DeSantis. She even said he was “practical” about a lot of things.

“He’s focused on the basic shit. There are elderly people in our country without walkers, who don’t have the money to get a septic tooth pulled. If we’re talking about divvying up healthcare funds, those situations should take precedence to facial feminisation surgeries and stuff like that. I mean, I get it – but that’s a cosmetic surgery. Like, does your penis work? Can you pee? You’re not as in trouble as the older woman who can’t afford her dialysis. I think DeSantis is practical about a lot of things.”

Azealia Banks ended her interview in an inspiring fashion by saying that she will keep coming back despite the hurdles she has to climb each time.

“I’ve done this by myself, with knives in my back, rocks thrown at me, kicked off cliffs. And I still keep coming back – you cannot get rid of me. Y’all have all the help in the world, y’all got writers, y’all got producers, y’all got f***ing everybody! And you still sound like shit.”

It looks like Azealia still has a lot of drive to continue in the music industry and we at Thirsty For News are excited to see what the future holds for her. Stay tuned for similar stories.

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