Tory Lanez has made multiple headlines because of his legal battle with Megan Thee Stallion. On Friday, December 23, a California jury found Lanez guilty of assaulting Megan. His new lawyer recently claimed that there were mistakes made during Megan Thee Stallion’s shooting trial.

Tory Lanez recently added Jose Baez to his legal team. He famously represented Casey Anthony and Anthony Hernandez. Baez was not present during Lanez’s December trial, which resulted in a guilty verdict on all three counts.

However, it appears that he is hoping to appeal. Baez spoke briefly about his role on Tory’s team, as well as the possibility of filing an appeal with TMZ. He stated that he wished he “had come in sooner as opposed to later.”

Unfortunately, this is the way that it is, but he’s got me now and I’m certainly willing to give him everything I have and hopefully, we’ll get the best result possible for him.

In all of that, there are things that certainly in the trial he wished had gone the other way. He’s trying his best to adjust to everything. In light of the fact that he’s never been in this situation before, it’s really a tough process to go through.

Tory, according to Baez, appears to be adjusting to life in prison better than expected. Still, there are some things he wishes had gone differently during the trial. Baez has yet to appear in court on Tory’s behalf, so he cannot publicly comment on the case.

He did, however, suggest that there are flaws in the case that could lead to an appeal. He stated that the outcome of each case is determined by a “human system” in the court.

There’s mistakes in trials all the time. Now, when you have a high-profile case, there’s a lot more things to worry about. So all players are now playing with additional work and need to be protecting those safeguards to ensure that there’s a safe trial to begin with. And I have to tell you, 9 out of 10 times, we get it wrong. So I would say that there’s probably a significant chance that there are numerous errors that are within the system and within this case that should be explored, and see if perhaps the results would have been different should it gone the other way.

Baez went on to say that this raises concerns for the judiciary, defense lawyers, and prosecutors about ensuring a fair trial. We’ll keep you updated on any developments in Tory Lanez’s trial. You can watch the video below.

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