Tom Brady is one of the most famous athletes in the world. He has been focusing on his career, and even came out of retirement for it. Brady once landed himself on Chris Jericho’s list for being called the G.O.A.T.

Many wrestlers have speculated about Brady’s retirement. Chris Jericho was one of them, and he included Brady on his list, dubbed “The List of Jericho,” because of the quarterback’s G.O.A.T status. During one of his WWE ring appearances in 2017, Jericho said that Brady stole his nickname.

Everyone is calling him [Tom Brady] the G.O.A.T. Well, you know what happens when you steal Chris Jericho’s nickname? Hmm? You know what happens when you call yourself the greatest of all time and you’re not me? You know what happens?! Tom Brady, you just made the list!

‘The List of Jericho’ was a gimmick that Jericho frequently used in conjunction with Kevin Owens. As part of the act, Jericho would add the names of anyone who irritated him or Owens to the list.

Aside from Jericho, Shawn Michaels compared Brady’s retirement to his own and discussed how he returned to WrestleMania. “I’ve heard so many people say, ‘I’m so tired of seeing Tom Brady in the Super Bowl.’ That’s made me laugh. Sorry, he’s the greatest to ever play the game, and here he is, doing it again. And there’s just no comparing that experience. It’s a different type of knowledge from being there so many times before. Just like I had the luxury of so many different matches at WrestleMania, Brady’s been here before. That played into my advantage, and I think we’ll see it help Brady in the Super Bowl.”

Tom Brady announced his retirement last offseason but changed his mind 40 days later. He returned to the Buccaneers for his 23rd season and made the playoffs before losing in the wildcard round to the Dallas Cowboys. He agreed to a 10-year, $375 million contract with Fox Sports as a color commentator/broadcaster until he decides to retire.

Tom Brady will be 46 by the start of the next season, but he may retire. He has stated that he wants to play until he is 50, and he may be able to do so. You can check out Chris Jericho’s 2017 video below.

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