Antonio Brown has landed himself in some hot water lately. He recently decided to post a sexually explicit photo of himself and his baby mama Chelsie Kyriss on Snapchat. The popular photo-sharing social media app has now suspended the former NFL wide receiver.

Chelsie Kyriss had reported him for sharing the images, which she had begged Brown not to share. “I have reported his page and all pictures. Unfortunately, Snapchat is allowing him to repost. I am very sorry for any of your kids that follow him and used to look at him as a role model. I do not condone these actions as you are aware I have kids involved as well.”

It appears Snapchat has heard her pleas and has responded by suspending the enigmatic former NFL star. Snapchat’s community guidelines forbid accounts from promoting or disseminating pornographic content, which Brown did in this case.

The guidelines also state that they will not tolerate any form of bullying or harassment. This intimate image of Kyriss being shared without her consent clearly bothered her. The photo was removed from Snapchat, but it was seen and shared on numerous social media platforms.

Brown has previously been involved in a Snapchat controversy. Last year, he posted a photoshopped image of Gisele Bundchen’s face on a naked body. It was already unlikely that any NFL team would have given Antonio Brown another chance, assuming he wanted one at all.

The free-agent wide receiver is frequently in legal trouble or making headlines for his support of controversial figures. He would have been a difficult sell for any team’s management, but after harassing his ex by posting explicit photos on his social media, it’s even more difficult. Keep an eye on Thirsty for more.

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