Russell Westbrook’s abilities speak for themselves. However, it appears that his luck isn’t going well these days. Westbrook was recently dragged for a horrible last-shot attempt.

Russell Westbrook has made some questionable shots while playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. Throughout the years, many fans have expressed disdain for him. Unfortunately, Russ has not been able to overcome these criticisms.

Even in his new role off the bench, Westbrook has struggled to be the player the Lakers require. As a result, when Russ makes a mistake, the fans are ready to call him out. That is exactly what happened on Sunday night when Russ missed the game-winning shot against the 76ers.

Instead, the Sixers won the game and humiliated the Lakers. The video clip below shows just how bad Westbrook’s attempt at the basket was. One fan tweeted: “I WANT RUSSELL WESTBROOK ARRESTED IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!”

Russell Westbrook discussed his last shot after the game, according to reporter Kyle Goon. He later blamed Joel Embiid, claiming that Embiid fouled him. Westbrook believes he could have easily made the game-winning layup if Embiid had let go of him.

Russell Westbrook said in the locker room that the final play was a shot attempt that was obstructed by Joel Embiid grabbing his right arm. Westbrook showed a handful of reporters a screenshot of the play where Embiid appears to be grabbing him.

Unfortunately for Westbrook, no one was paying attention. The tweets below contain a variety of posts in which people were enraged with Westbrook. Overall, he has become an easy target for basketball fans, and his most recent efforts have not helped.

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