Logan Paul has proven himself to be a huge internet sensation over the years. The YouTube star, however, finds himself caught in the cobweb of Coffeezilla’s CryptoZoo investigation, which could lead to him being sued for his recent actions.

Logan Paul was one of the key figures behind the CryptoZoo project. After the weeks of Coffeezilla’s 3-video investigation surrounding the project, Paul revealed that he has devised a three-step plan to make money for his investors who suffered losses.

The YouTube star’s initial reaction to the investigation was to deny wrongdoing and accountability. He even threatened legal action in the video, as he said he would see Coffeezilla in court. However, with his announcement to help investors, he took a complete U-turn from his previous statement.

Moreover, Logan Paul’s response to Coffeezilla’s three-part series on the scandal saw him make claims against him and Zach Kelling, the main developer. Paul showed arrest records for Zach, which he claims have been removed completely.

If those charges were expunged, as Zach Kelling claims, then Logan Paul could have put himself in the line of a big lawsuit. This could be against the law in certain states and can possibly lead to Zach suing Logan Paul for defamation, as noted by Scott Shafer on YouTube.

Other unfounded statements that Logan Paul made in his video about Coffeezilla, like that he tried to work with law enforcement, pale in comparison to exposing that expunged record of Zach Kelling. No deep dive into legal records has been able to recover that Kelling arrest, meaning that it is very probable that the arrest was expunged.

Although Logan Paul’s step could possibly lead to him facing defamation charges, his initiative to help the investor make their money back was well received by the people. We will have to wait and see what is next in regard to the CryptoZoo investigation.

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