Vince McMahon has regained control of WWE in the Board and looking to extend his claws over to the creative side of things. Looking at the production of tonight’s edition of Monday Night RAW, many fans are claiming that Vince has already taken control of creative.

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The Genetic Jackhammer reclaimed his spot on the WWE Board of Directors and was appointed as the Executive Chairman of WWE. This came right after Vince McMahon’s daughter Stephanie McMahon resigned from her position as WWE Chairwoman and co-CEO.

The prime reason for Vince McMahon’s return has been cited as the Boss’ desire to sell off WWE to bigger giants. Amongst all, Saudi Arabia is looking to be the frontrunner in the sale, as that would help Vince take charge of creative and make the company private, according to many reports.

However, halfway through tonight’s RAW, fans started speculating on social media that Vince is back already. The WWE Universe exploded on Twitter, claiming Vince McMahon has returned to take charge of WWE television programming, looking at the lackluster RAW produced this week.

@FlagrantDotty: “Okay, nowwww I see why Vince is trying to come back.”

@MrJoWork:”Vince is definitely back, this is boring @WWE #wweraw something feels weird no.”

@3CountThursday: “So the IWC is just going to overanalyze everything & say “sEe I tOlD yOu ViNcE iS bAcK” at anything they don’t like aren’t they??? #WWERaw.”

@cg_curtis: “I bet JD says that @VinceMcMahon is back in creative control now that the giant is back to make WWE television worse on his @YouTube channel tonight as this is JD’s proof that #Vince is back in power & @TripleH like his wife @StirUpMadness last week has resigned or now is fired😭.”

@GoodMicWork: “What sucks for Triple H is now ANY questionable booking decision he makes will be met with the assumption that “Vince is back in control”. I love that there’s no in between for fans. They go straight to armageddon.😂 #WWERaw.”

@Clint4000 :”That’s actually to his benefit because before people were comparing him as no better than Vince for certain decisions but now Vince’s return could shield blame from him to a degree.”

Despite speculations by the fans, other reports suggest that WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H held another talent meeting after one happened last Friday. The Game reassured them once again that the creative process would not change and he would still be in charge.

Do you think Vince McMahon is really back as a part of the creative process of WWE? Sound off in the comments!

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