The game between the Los Angeles Chargers and the Jacksonville Jaguars last night will be difficult to forget for years to come. The Bolts jumped out to a 27-0 lead in the first half but still lost 30-31. An NFL fan lost $1.4 million on the Chargers before the team’s epic collapse against the Jaguars.

Since the start of the NFL playoffs, there has been a lot of betting action in the games. When Los Angeles led 27-0, one person bet $1.4 million on them to win the game. If the Chargers had won, the person would have made a quick $11,200 profit.

When the Chargers went up 27-0, a bettor bet $1.4 million on them to win the game to net $11,200. Jacksonville came back and won 31-30.

@DKSportsbook has confirmed that this bet was indeed made.

However, that did not happen, as we witnessed one of the worst collapses in NFL history. After that person placed the bet, Trevor Lawrence and the Jacksonville Jaguars outscored the Bolts 31-3. What appeared to be a certified lock to cash $11,200 ended up costing the individual $1.4 million.

Few would have predicted the Jaguars winning after trailing 27-0, but that is why sports are so special. The person who lost $1.4 million would be devastated by the outcome of the game and would have learned a harsh lesson. Even if the game’s outcome is almost certain, they will most likely not bet such an absurd amount of money in the future.

In his first-ever playoff appearance, Justin Herbert got off to a good start. However, the game’s outcome was not predetermined. The Los Angeles quarterback was visibly upset with how he and his team performed in the second half. You can check out the tweet below.

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