Gerard Butler is one of Hollywood’s most experienced actors with over 20 years of experience in front of the camera. Butler is most known for his role in the movie “300” and the franchise “How to train your dragon.” Despite his experience, Butler recently made a mistake on set that left him “burning alive.”

The Hollywood star was filming for his latest movie “Plane” where he plays the role of a pilot who has to make an emergency landing in a hostile area and is forced to work with an accused murderer to rescue kidnapped passengers.

The 53-year-old actor recently appeared on Late Night with Seth Myers show where he revealed that he accidentally burned his eyes, nose, and throat by rubbing acid in his face and not realizing it until it was too late.

The incident took place while filming the final scene of the movie where he was trying to find something wrong with the plane before they take off for the final sequence. He recalled:

“Now I’m sticking my hand between these two wheels, kind of pretending that I know what I’m doing,” Butler said. “Every time I bring my hands out, they’re covered in blood and green fluid, right? And I’m like, ‘I don’t know what this green fluid is.’ “

Gerard Butler then noted how he rubbed the acid over his mouth, nose, and eyes before realizing that his face was burning.

“I’m rubbing my face and, suddenly, it’s in my throat. It’s in my mouth. It’s up my nose. It’s in my eyes,” Butler continued. “It’s burning my face — and I mean burning.” He added, “It turns out that this is essentially phosphoric acid.”

Butler then said that the crew members were confused about whether to throw water in his face as real-life pilots looked on in panic. Butler then revealed that it “burned for hours” but thankfully he recovered and finished off the sequence which turned out great, according to the actor. Stay tuned to Thirsty For News as we bring you similar stories.

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