Logan Paul rose to prominence as a YouTuber and professional boxer. He recently thanked an organization for saving his former pet pig. WWE star Alexa Bliss also said that she’s relieved to see Logan Paul’s former pet pig getting rescued.

Logan transported Pearl to a horse ranch in California before moving to Puerto Rico a few years ago. Unfortunately, after being rehomed, the pig was found abandoned and in critical health. According to TMZ Sports, Alexa Bliss is thrilled that Logan Paul’s former pig has found a new home.

Unfortunate as it is, I’m happy his pig was rescued and is in a better situation. As long as the animal is taken care of, that’s all that matters.

Alexa Bliss told TMZ that all that counts now is that the animal is being properly cared for. While many were quick to blame Logan for Pearl’s condition, the YouTuber insisted that he had no idea his beloved pet had ever left the ranch, or that she was in such bad form until the Gentle Barn animal sanctuary posted about her on TikTok.

The former women’s champion, who had her own pet pig for years, spoke with TMZ at LAX about the incident. She’s not concerned with who’s to blame, but rather with Pearl’s recovery. Bliss goes on to provide some advice to anyone considering getting an oinker as a pet: “mini” pigs don’t exist.

Alexa Bliss should know, because her pet, Larry-Steve, a Vietnamese pot-bellied breed, was around 150-200 pounds. Alexa’s pig was a social media sensation, with nearly 90,000 Instagram followers. Larry-Steve died in 2021 after facing a serious disease.

Logan has committed to aid Gentle Barn in any way he can and has told TMZ that he hopes to help with Pearl’s care in the future. You can check out the pictures and videos below. Keep an eye on Thirsty for more.

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