Kate Hudson’s flawless physical attributes helped her gain a large fan following over the years. However, the actress has recently revealed the must-haves in her and she is a big fan of nipple covers.

In a video for British Vogue’s series, In the Bag, Hudson revealed what essentials she always carries in her handbag. She revealed she doesn’t like wearing undergarments and prefers stick-on nipple covers. “These,” said the actress, holding a cover in each hand, “I have to bring with me everywhere, cause I don’t like bras.”

Kate added,

“I like to put these on my boobies so that, you know, nothing ever gets too aggressive.

It makes sure that, like, a picture doesn’t become too much of a conversation piece.”

The “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” star, however, did not specify which style she prefers. She might be using Nippies Nipple Covers, which are currently the best-selling breast petals on Amazon, or Commando’s version, the Top Hats Nipple Concealers.

In the video, Hudson also discussed some more of her go-to essentials, such as skin care items, winter clothing, and the book she’s currently reading. She uses Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, the same product that supermodels Kendall Jenner, Brooke Shields, and Iman use on their lips. “Why didn’t I come up with this?” Hudson said about the berry-flavored pout-enhancing item that she owns. “This is the best product right now … It smells awesome. This is like a must-have.”

The actress also carries some bling with her wherever she goes, such as a necklace with the names of her children that is reminiscent of the monogrammed necklace her character Birdie wore in “Glass Onion.” “I took that home with me. You could say I stole it, but I feel like I just thought it was necessary for me to have,” she said of her character’s bling.

But even though she showed everything in her bag, including a speaker and a short story, she returned to nipple covers at the end and said they are the “most necessary” of all. Keep an eye on Thirsty to get the latest updates regarding the actress.

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