Ever since Vince McMahon strong-armed his way back into power, there has been chaos. As soon as he came to power, Vince fired three board members and appointed two new members in Michelle Wilson and George Barrios. Last night, Vince’s daughter and co-CEO also resigned from her position.

Moreover, reports have been emerging of an imminent sale of the company. This has caused many fans to speculate as to who could potentially buy the company in the future. The most common names include Comcast, Tony Khan, and Saudi Arabia. However, now it seems like one more name has been added to the list of potential buyers.

On a recent episode of the Buzzcast podcast, Matthew Belloni discussed the possible sale of the company with Lucas Shaw. During the episode, Belloni mentioned Endeavor which is UFC’s parent company is a name that keeps coming up as a potential buyer.

“As much as it’s a valuable media property, it is still considered a second-tier property in the sense that there are advertisers that still will not advertise on WWE. There is a little bit of a radioactivity around it, much as there was with the UFC,” Belloni said.

The whole situation surrounding WWE and the potential sale of the company is getting more interesting with more potential buyers being added to the mix. However, none of this is confirmed and Vince could just decided not to sell the company in the end. Stay tuned to Thirsty For News as we keep you updated on this story.

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Sunil Joseph

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