Aaron Carter was found dead in a bathtub of his California home back on November 5. Aaron’s official cause of death was yet to be determined. The news sent shockwaves across his fanbase and many people sent their heartfelt condolences to Nick Carter and the rest of the family.

Just two months after his brother’s passing, Nick Carter has paid tribute to Aaron in his newly released single called “Hurts To Love You.” In his song, Nick mentions how he wishes Aaron overcame his demons and lived a nice life.

“Always hoped your tomorrows / Would be better than the days before / I hoped you’d find your road to follow / To a place you were happy in this world,” Nick sings in the track.

He also explains in the song that it hurts to love Aaron but he still does.

“Miss you with all my heart, you know I always will / I always prayed for peace my soul could feel/ It’s hard to let go of the anger / I know for me it took some time / Sometimes the darkness lasts forever / Feels like the light won’t ever shine.”

Apart from the tribute song, Nick also released a glimpse of the song’s music video which featured clips from the brothers’ childhood. He captioned the post as follows:

“We all have someone in our lives that no matter what they do and how bad it hurts you still love them. So I worked it out the best way I know how.”

This newly released single is a nice way for Nick Carter to pay tribute to his younger brother who passed away last year. It will be interesting to see how the final music video turns out. Stay tuned to Thirsty For News for similar stories.

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Sunil Joseph

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