Kanye West is facing the risk of losing several legal battles by default due to his failure to find a new lawyer and communication with his former legal representation. This is according to court filings reviewed by Insider.

Ye’s former law firm Greenberg Traurig said that there has been a “breakdown in communications” and that they have not been able to obtain any information about Ye’s efforts to hire new lawyers to defend him in court.

Two legal cases against Ye are currently being played out in federal court and in both cases Ye remains unrepresented. Kanye has not communicated with his former legal team. In addition, in a separate case in Los Angeles County court, lawyers have been trying to serve Ye with a lawsuit since October but have been unsuccessful.

“This breakdown in communications that necessitates Greenberg Traurig LLP’s withdrawal has also prevented Greenberg Traurig LLP from obtaining any information from defendants regarding this lawsuit or their efforts to obtain new counsel,” lawyers for the firm wrote.

Furthermore, Ye’s former law firm has withdrawn from representing him in a class-action lawsuit where hundreds of employees are alleging they were overworked and underpaid while working on Ye’s 2019 opera “Nebuchadnezzar”. In this lawsuit, damages of over $6 million are being sought.

If Ye fails to hire new legal representation, he runs the risk of losing these cases by default. US District Judge George H. Wu has given Ye and his companies until January 12th to find new legal representation. If they fail to do so, the judge may issue an order requiring Ye to show why the case shouldn’t be lost by default.

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