Dana White was seen slapping his wife in a leaked video. However, nobody except a few is talking about this major issue. Daniel Cormier has now openly condemned such behavior from Dana’s side.

Last week, TMZ released a video that shows White in a heated argument with his wife. White approaches his visibly distraught wife and strikes him in the face. White then retaliates by slapping her twice before they finally scramble away.

In a recent ESPN show, Daniel condemned the way White went on to slap his wife. He is shocked that other UFC fighters are coming in to defend the UFC president when he himself has admitted to the fault. Both the UFC and Endeavor, the promotion’s parent company, have remained silent on the situation.

“Dana White was wrong. He told you he was wrong. We have long been told our entire lives that we are not supposed to put our hands on women. Dana White himself has gone on record himself to say, ‘You are not supposed to put your hands on women.’ He understands that. He took accountability immediately.”

Daniel talks about White’s family and what should be going on with them amid this incident. Dana was wrong in his actions and he has admitted to it. Cormier thinks White now needs to serve as a voice to speak out against domestic violence.

According to Cormier, what’s most important is the accountability Dana has to take for his actions. He went on to say that it was wrong on his part and everyone around the world should agree on it. He said that those who think otherwise should come on the “same page” as there’s no other justification for the incident.

“For me, it’s what happens next. How does Dana White become a voice for trying to help people in these situations? How does he go forward and lead the charge to try to help people to try to come back from this type of situation, domestic violence and all these other things? That’s the question for me.

It remains to be seen what Dana and the UFC have to say about this matter. However, no one has come out and said much about the situation. Thirsty will closely watch over any buildup on this story.

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