MacKenzie Scott was previously married to Jeff Bezos from 1993 until 2019 before their divorce. She walked away with roughly $37 billion from her first marriage, dedicating half to charity. MacKenzie is formally divorced from her second husband. Her divorce is signed, sealed, and delivered.

According to court documents acquired by TMZ, the former Mrs. Jeff Bezos’ divorce from her ex-husband Dan Jewett was recently finalized in Washington state with the judge signing off on Mackenzie and Dan going their separate ways. MacKenzie filed for divorce in September, a little more than a year after they married, and the chapter on her second marriage has officially been closed.

Dan Jewett, a chemistry teacher at the private school where MacKenzie Scott’s children were enrolled in Washington, and MacKenzie Scott announced their engagement in March 2021. Although they had not yet started a family together, they were excited to begin their life as a couple.

Dan, being a science teacher, brought a unique perspective to their relationship as they both have shared interest in teaching, he was particularly passionate about educating his students, and was respected by his peers and students. He had been teaching at the school for some years, and had become a familiar face among students and parents.

According to the documents, MacKenzie and Dan signed a divorce contract that will handle all property settlement specifics. The contract was never filed with the court. Jeff, on the other hand, is still having a good time with his “partner,” Lauren Sanchez. Keep an eye on Thristy for more.

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