Jake Paul has recently called out KSI for not accepting a fighting contract. Being two of the biggest YouTube boxers, their matchup would hold massive regard on the platform. Jake has now given KSI an ultimatum to sign a contract for their fight.

KSI has always blamed Jake for running away from facing him in the ring. Jake, however, in his recent Twitter live, has addressed that he has already sent a contract for a fight in December 2023. He claimed to have sent KSI and his team a contract over a month ago, to which the UK-based YouTuber has yet to respond.

“I sent KSI and his team a contract over a month ago. I offered to come to the UK, 185 pounds and 10 rounds. I have been at 8 rounds since Askren.He and his team have yet to respond.”

Jake Paul offered KSI and his team to hold a fighting event for in December 2023. He has now given KSI an ultimatum of a week. If he doesn’t respond within the given timeframe, Jake wishes to host the fight in the US.

“The offer was/is to come to the UK in December 2023. If he doesn’t respond next week after his show, then it’s going to have to be in the US. The best part is he tells @arielhelwani that I’m hiding behind negotiations when in fact he has yet to respond. Hahaha.”

The younger Paul brother called out KSI for not responding to contacts while the latter threw jabs at him on social media. The Sidemen member has always been critical of Jake’s behavior. He went on to call his fight with Anderson Silva rigged where Jake KO’ed Silva.

KSI offered his stance on the fight in a recent interview on The MMA Hour. He finally accepted that the match wasn’t rigged. While he accepted that the fight wasn’t rigged, he clearly wasn’t impressed by Paul’s display that night.

It will be interesting to see how KSI responds to the contracts. Given that he’s a well-established and consistent YouTuber, he will surely upload a video regarding this matter.

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