French Montana’s reputation as a rapper in the hip-hop community keeps rising as he adds his own distinctive flavor to the industry. However, Montana has recently found himself in trouble as he was involved in a shooting while filming a music video. French Montana has now been threatened with legal action over the shooting.

The Bronx rapper was apparently filming a video with rapper Rob49 inside The Licking restaurant in Miami Gardens, Florida when gunshots broke out, injuring at least ten individuals, including Rob. Four people were evacuated to Ryder Trauma Center, with one in critical condition.

Although no deaths have been reported, French is now facing a possible lawsuit from one of the victims. Carl Leon, a 25-year-old music blogger, has hired an attorney who plans to launch a lawsuit on his behalf, according to NBC 6 Miami. According to attorney Josiah Graham, his client was invited to the video shoot, and firearms were fired during a gap between takes.

Sometime during the break of one of the scenes, that’s when he heard gunshots. He didn’t know what happened, like everyone else. He took off running. As he’s running, he fell at some point. When he gets up, he discovers he’s been shot.

Leon was allegedly shot in the hand and stomach and taken to a nearby hospital. Graham alleged that his client was “literally less than an inch away from sure death.” Leon was released on Sunday night.

Graham then acknowledged that he is looking into the Coke Boyz leader, stating that “there was no permit issued by the Miami Gardens Police Department for any type of authorized rap video.” Leon agreed with his attorney and stated that he was fortunate to be alive.

French Montana, yes, we are looking into him. Because it’s our understanding that he had an unauthorized video shoot at Finger Licking, so, we’re looking into that. You know, everyone was dropping but I ran, and I didn’t notice I got hit in my hand until like afterwards when everything finished and I was looking, and I seen blood dripping. If I stood there for another five seconds, you know, looking for somebody, I would’ve got hit in the head.

The two rappers have a new collaboration named “Igloo” on French’s new mixtape Coke Boys 6, although it’s unknown if the music video was shot for that track. Rob’s condition is unknown at this time, but French issued an emotional statement following the incident, sending “thoughts and prayers” to the victims. Keep an eye on Thristy for more.

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