Ben Affleck has taken his fondness for Dunkin’ to new heights by donning the chain’s uniform and serving customers at a drive-thru in Medford, Massachusetts.

The event, which saw Affleck and his wife Jennifer Lopez serve drinks to customers, sparked speculation that the actor was shooting a commercial for the upcoming Super Bowl.

One customer, Lisa Mackay, shared her experience of being served by Affleck and Lopez on Instagram, praising the couple for being “quick-witted and funny.”

Upon completing the filming for the day, Ben Affleck took the time to express his gratitude to the crew members who had worked alongside him. In a light-hearted manner, he made a comment about his desire to move up in rank on the leadership board. Specifically, he said, “I just want to extend my thanks to everyone on the crew. And Dunkin’, thanks for keeping us going. But when I return to set, I certainly don’t want to be in 16th place anymore.” This statement was likely meant as a playful reference to a internal competition or some other aspect of the production that was being tracked.

Affleck also made a light-hearted comment, jokingly expressing his desire to improve his standing on the Dunkin’ leaderboard upon his return to the location.

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