Dieunerst Collin is globally known as the Popeyes meme boy. We all know about the TerRio look-alike who went viral for giving Popeyes the side eye. The famous meme child is now a college football player.

According to TMZ Sports, Dieunerst Collin, a freshman offensive lineman at Lake Erie College, is the small kid in the yellow shirt who got popular on the now-defunct social media network Vine back in the day. It really feels like we’re getting old now.

Collin isn’t shying away from his background. In fact, he wants the fried chicken franchise to hook him up with a Name, Image, and Likeness agreement. Collin even took to social media this weekend.


Dieunerst Collin is extensively used to this day. After becoming a meme, the 6’1″, 330-pounder went on to be a successful athlete. He won a state title with East Orange Campus high school in New Jersey in 2021.

Collin is presently studying sports management and comedian studies. He aims to become a sports analyst, according to his bio on the team website. Someone from Popeyes needs to pick up the phone and call Collin immediately. Keep an eye on Thirsty for more. Check out the video below.

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