Child’s Play’s Chucky is definitely one of the most well-liked horror characters of all time. However, Chucky is now trending all over the internet as its new competition has arrived and is certainly becoming the new favorite killer doll.

The new horror movie, M3GAN, just came out this weekend, and judging by the buzz online, Gen-Zers and TikTok users are loving it. M3GAN contains dark humor and thus appears to be encroaching on “Child’s Play” territory. She is very popular online right now, as her fans are sharing tons of memes and videos throughout the internet.

M3GAN is noticeably more advanced in terms of technology, strategy, and killing capabilities in 2022. However, one can join the trend and observe the comparisons being made between the old foul-mouthed Good Guy of the 1990s and M3GAN on social media.

For those who don’t know the plot of M3GAN, it’s about a toy maker who builds a robotic friend for kids and experiments it out on her niece before realizing the doll has started to think itself and developed a merciless mind. It ultimately decides it wants to be in charge of raising the girl, and in order to do so, it goes on a murdering spree. The plot is kinda same as the 1990s movie and appears to be a hit.

‘M3GAN’ has earned $11.7M thus far and is expected to gross at least $27 million at the box office through the weekend, which would be a powerful start to the new year compared to ‘Avatar 2.’ However, despite the fact that M3GAN might be the hot topic of the toy town at the moment, Chucky still holds a special position in people’s hearts. This is largely due to his SYFY/USA series, which has definitely given him a fresh start in the twenty-first century.

The TV series is decently well-liked and upholds the original franchise’s essence. However, with M3GAN here, everyone’s former favorite killer doll may need to learn a few new moves and become even more modern than he has been on TV thus far. Stay tuned to Thirsty to get more updates.

Do you think Chucky will make a more powerful comeback to beat M3GAN’s popularity? Sound off in the comments below!

Smita Singha Roy

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