Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s relationship was anything but smooth throughout 2022. Nonetheless, their continuous pranks got them their own reality TV series, which most people can only dream about. Crazy In Love, which premiered on Zeus in December, has provided further information on the couple’s toxic tendencies.

Blueface is under a lot of pressure from his girlfriend’s family, from a physical conflict with her father to a serious conversation with her older brother. Surprisingly, the series frequently depicts Rock and her fiancé arguing about the status of their relationship. They appear to have a shared knowledge of their joint earning potential at times.

However, in a recent episode, the 22-year-old described their arrangement as a “forced-ass relationship,” to which many viewers agreed. Today’s episode appears to be more of the same feuding, except Blueface is the one acting juvenile this time. In one video, the reality starlet expressed her displeasure that he is going to Las Vegas without her.

I said, ‘Alright, I’m gonna go to Baltimore. You can have fun in Vegas.’ Bro blocked me, now we’re texting on Instagram. He’s trying to get my attention. It’s working.

In another video, her mood appears to have changed as she prepares to take her “rich p-ssy” out on the town without Blue. In other news, Blueface was recently involved in a Baltimore brawl that left a man unconscious. You can check out the snippet from the episode below.

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