Lala Kent ended her engagement with Randall Emmett in October 2021 after learning that the film producer was living a “double life.” However, Emmett’s ex-wife, Ambyr Childers, recently claimed that the FBI is currently investigating her ex for “suspected child exploitation and pedophilia.” Even though Emmett has denied the claims, his ex-fiance doesn’t appear to believe him as she recently shared a cryptic post.

Kent took to her Instagram Stories to share a cryptic message, which many fans think is a direct reply to what Emmett has said in his video denying all the claims.

“Keep telling yourself whatever you need to to help you sleep at night. You’re seen.”

According to Page Six, Childers claimed that the FBI is investigating her ex for “suspected child exploitation and pedophilia.” In court documents submitted to the Los Angeles Superior Court, Childers asserted the allegation in an effort to get a restraining order against her ex. However, Emmett quickly denied the accusation, calling any “notion” that he was being “investigated by the FBI” is “beyond absurd.”

A few hours after the report had been released, Emmett shared a video on his Instagram page in which he unequivocally refuted all allegations that he had any involvement with the FBI. Emmett wore a light gray sweater and appearing a little sloppy, he was focused to clear up a few things.

Kent, for her part, hasn’t really ever talked about what she knows about him or what she thinks is actually the truth about what he does or how he conducts himself but has made hints that Emmett is interested in some “dark” things. Stay tuned to Thirsty to get more updates regarding this case.

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